Choosing the Right BagChoose Style
Since there are several styles of day bags available on the market, there is little to ask oneself outside of basic questions like if a strap is necessary, and if a cross body style would work well in that case. If one needs to use their arms for the day, that’d be a great bonus, but if just going from say one’s vehicle into the workplace then a simple, one shoulder strap or handles will work.

Basically think about when the day bag will be used most often and determine straps, no straps or what type of straps from there. This narrows down the style choices easily and quickly.

Consider the Size
Take stock of what will be carried around in the day bag. Whether it’s just keys, phone and wallet or it’ll be holding makeup, sunglasses, perfume or pens and notepad. This will determine the size needed.

Some like carrying around things “just in case,” while others are fine sticking to the essentials. A tote day bag is perfect for keeping a bit more inside, and as a bonus it has a special compartment to keep the important things in for quick finding. Otherwise a smaller, cross body bag will be perfect in most cases. This is great for keeping important items close to the body and safe.

A combination of the two works as well if one is spending the entire day out, or going to work. They can put the cross body in the tote and get it out for wearing during the day and keep the tote safely tucked away under their desk. On an outing, the tote can be kept in one’s vehicle or in a locker supplied by the destination.

The best advice when it comes to the day bag size is if one finds they are trying to cram things into a smaller bag, it’s time to increase size. No one wants to open a bag and not be able to see everything inside with ease. If the bag is large and items are swimming around inside, then a smaller may be better.

Color Choice
Never pass up a black bag, however be in the know as to what is missing from the existing wardrobe. If a black bag is already owned, then one should try a neutral in grey or a camel color. They can also go with a new texture, but still black in order to switch things up.

Keep in mind, buying off season will save a bundle on day bags. Don’t be afraid to add some color to a wardrobe with a flashy bag, it can always be dyed black later if it’s real leather.

The Price
Don’t go broke investing in day bags, be sure to keep spending within means. Save anywhere and everywhere possible, but still get the best bag that can be afforded. A cheap bag won’t last as long and one will end up spending more in the long run on replacements.

Most people get a bag and use it exclusively for a couple years. Then it can be stored away and brought out later as a classic. Some even pass them on to their children! That’s how long a good, brand name bag lasts!

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